Groene visionair gevonden: blog Suzanne Olivier

STRO-medewerkster Suzanne Olivier is net terug van haar bezoek aan STRO-projecten in Nicaragua en Costa Rica. Hieronder het vierde deel van haar reisverslag: “Voor onze innovatieve projecten hebben we lokale leiders nodig die niet bang zijn voor verandering, die nieuwe dingen durven. En daar was hij, don Julio, in Panali, de stad die hij electriciteit heeft gebracht door een generator te kopen en daar de hele stad op aan te sluiten. “The only real voyage of discovery exist not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes”

STRO-employee Suzanne Olivier just returned from her visit to the STRO-projects in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Below the fourth blog about her trip: STRO has learned that for our innovative projects we need local visionaries, local leaders, people that are not afraid of change. You need a leader, one that dares new things. And there he was, Don Julio, in his shop Divino niño in Panali, the town to which he brought electricity by buying his own generator, paying the wiring to the houses himself and then selling the electrical service to the communities.

He proudly showed us towards his reforestation project in the village, in short, this is our green entrepreneur, someone to start a small pilot with. In the following months Cooperativa 20 de Abril and STRO will negotiate with Western Union, finalise the pilot areas, including Don Julio, and the project design. Please keep an eye on this space for news!

And now, off to Costa Rica for the STRO regional team meeting and a visit to Coopevictoria in Costa Rica.