A critical examination of Bitcoin as money

Henk van Arkel, CEO of the Social TRade Organisation with over 25 years R&D in new kinds of money, thinks it is time to judge bitcoin on its effects on society.

In his presentation at the 50th Bitcoin Wednesday Conference he will give a critical examination on the performance of Bitcoin as money.

Many people are fascinated by Bitcoin. It is a technological wonder. But what if we evaluate it as money?

What are the uses for the economy? Can bitcoin reduce inequality and / or push the world towards a more sustainable direction?

And how does Bitcoin compare to two Fintech innovation by the Social TRade Organisation:

1. Increase the time of circulation of money in the economy of a region or country

2. Facilitating countercyclical credit

The Bitcoin Wednesday conference is on August 2, starting at 18:00 at the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam.

For more information and registration, please click here.