Vote for our CEO in Dutch television elections

Our CEO, Henk van Arkel, has committed himself to a better world and more honest and fair financial systems for over 50 years. Therefore we would like to give him change the possibility to promote his cause on the Dutch television by making it to the 10 most popular canditdates in the so called “VPRO Challenger” elections.

Please help us by VOTING for Henk van Arkel as your favorite challenger and by sharing this post.

We started just a couple of day ago and already are with the best 20. Still, we need more votes in order to get to the best 10!

On behalf of all STRO employees and volunteers we would like to thank you for your vote!

How to vote:

In order to vote for Henk van Arkel, please click this link.

On the right (just above Henk van Arkel’s picture), click on the “stem” (vote) button.

Next, you can either use your Facebook, Google or Email in order to vote. Facebook and Google will both redirect you to their website (which is easy and done in a couple of seconds).

If you want to use your Email, you will have to fill in your name and your Email in order to finish the voting procedure. One last note: On the website it says you have to log in. This just means filling out your name and email address (to make sure you are not a robot).You will not receive any unrequested email!

Translation of description of Henk van Arkel on the VPRO Challenger website:

Henk van Arkel (CEO STRO) is working on payment alternatives ever since he was 14. He looks at money, or to be more specific at the current financial system, as the most important determinant of society. The current financial system mostly benefits financial centers and big multinationals since that’s where the money flows towards, at the expense of local economies and small enterprises. This leads to inefficiency and causes poverty in many local economic areas. Furthermore, the creation of money with interest forces societies to keep growing economically, which causes pollution and environmental disasters.

With much inspiration and a huge amount of energy, Henk van Arkel truly inspires the people working at STRO and many others working on projects stimulating local economies around the world. Circuit Nederland is the latest STRO project, introducing innovative local currencies in the Netherlands.